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Welcome to Elizabeth Henley Shutters, home of the Smart-tilt® shutter. Our smart blinds are proudly designed and manufactured in the UK (from our facility in Kent), and we install them throughout London and the rest of the UK.

Our patented Smart-tilt® electric blinds are the world’s first smart shutters, encompassing the very latest technology. A microprocessor built into the top of the wooden shutter enables the louvred shutters to slowly and smoothly close automatically at dusk and reopen at dawn.

Based in Kent, we combine years of experience, expert manufacturing techniques, and a simple vision to supply a unique shutter solution to our UK customers. Choose Smart-tilt® expertly handcrafted smart blinds to make a distinctive visual statement in your home.


Our Smart-tilt X® shutters are powered by mains electric and have the following features:
  • Mains powered
  • Integrated LED soft lighting
  • Smartphone operation via Wi-Fi
  • Deep groove bearing fitted to every louvre


Our Smart-tilt® shutters are powered by battery and have the following features:
  • Battery powered
  • Around 15 months between charges
  • Smartphone operation via Wi-Fi
  • Deep groove bearing fitted to every louvre
All our shutters are fitted with our patented ecolouvres™ which are both waterproof and come with a 10 year guarantee against warping.

Discover the perfect smart tilt blinds solution for you with plenty of distinctive paint colours and luxury Wingtip® finishes to choose from. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the world’s finest wooden louvred shutters now come with deep groove bearings for a smoother tilt movement.

The world’s first smart window shutter and electric blinds designed and manufactured in the UK come with temperature adjustment and smartphone control. Set the mood, control your home climate, and customise your wooden shutters to your personal preferences, all with our easy-to-use smart blinds.

Find out more about our electric blinds for UK homes by getting in touch with the team in Kent. If you have any questions about our shutter installation services or smart shutter designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us – whether you’re in London, the South East, or elsewhere in the UK, we’re happy to help.

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Mood lighting

Set the room lighting to your taste with dimmable lights.

Temperature control

Keep cool with shutters that close when the temperature exceeds your desired setting.


Timer Control

Have the shutters close automatically at dusk or to your own timings.


Customise your shutters to your preferences, lock, and manage users.

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our shutters are proudly hand-made in BRITAIN By us, for you

pRECISION engineered & built to last

DESIGN features


Our optional patented wingtip® design is available in chrome, copper, brass and stainless steel finishes. Made from aluminium, the wingtip® is the perfect finishing touch; a distinctive visual statement and a unique innovation to an interior window shutter.

british manufacturing

Heavy duty invisible 3D hinges, 27mm thick hardwood frames, mortise and tenon joints used on the stiles and rails.

mood lighting

As the shutters close automatically at dusk, the concealed LED lighting switches on.

Not only does this provide subtle mood lighting to the room, but from the outside the room also looks occupied.


Personalise your shutters by choosing from our range of painted shutters and stunning polished hardwoods.

paint colours available

Papyrus white

cream colour

jet black

light grey

light ivory

moss green

olive yellow

oyster white

pastel blue

pure white

signal white

silk grey

stone grey

tele grey

traffic white

window grey

Wingtip® finishes available





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