What are the benefits of automated window shutters?

March 11, 2022

Once upon a time, window shutters, blinds and similar types of window covering offered what might be called a rather predictable “dual functionality” – in layman’s terms, they could be either opened or closed. But in our modern age of convenience, like many other domestic and commercial features and fittings, automated window shutters now offer a whole menu of additional options.

For many customers, the advent of powered window shutters has brought considerable benefits. But others may perhaps wonder if automation would just make things more complicated, or perhaps suspect there are purely marginal advantages. So let’s take a closer look at what benefits automated shutters may bring to the home, office or workplace.

Introduce a touch of style

Though there are many other benefits, it has to be admitted that professionally installed automated shutters or blinds in the right location can add eye-catching detail to any home environment. Quite apart from their unquestionable elegance and aesthetic value in creating a luxury interior, a fully automated shutter system may also add something extra to the value of a property. And even if that additional value happens to be a relatively modest element overall, responsive, hands-free motorised shutters will undoubtedly add much to the general appeal of your home in the eyes of your guests, other visitors and prospective buyers.

Like many other aspects of modern living – a mobile phone, automatic-drive cars and domestic, voice-controlled personal assistants, for example – powered shutters bring a sense of comfort, convenience and even security. And while no one would claim they are everyday essentials, automated shutters you can control will certainly do far more than simply add beauty to your home and extend your list of creature comforts.

Safety, protection and more

Whether at home or in a work environment, any shutters or blinds which operate via corded systems constitute some kind of safety hazard. In the home, both young children and household pets seem eternally attracted to cords, loops and chains hanging down temptingly within reach. But what may seem harmless fun can sometimes cause serious harm. And in many ways, the consequences may be just as severe for busy workers in an office or workplace. Concentrating on work tasks, and perhaps also handling sharp tools or hazardous materials, the risks of becoming entangled in dangling cord mechanisms are all too real.

In each case, fitting automated widow shutters brings immediate peace of mind and helps to avoid accident or injury. In many instances powered systems are also fitted with sensors which will stop an operation immediately if some unexpected barrier or obstruction impedes the mechanism. And here too, it is common for an automated system to trigger an alert message highlighting the malfunction.

Besides safety concerns, windows fitted with blinds or shutters are also closed at other times. Domestically, this could be to avoid strong sunlight or soaring temperatures on hot days, as well as to provide privacy after dark. And likewise on commercial premises, closing the blinds or shutters at the end of the working day may be an essential security measure. Smart building systems which can be programmed with routines to maintain indoor temperatures by opening and closing automatic shutters in response to sensor information can do such tasks more reliably and efficiently than human operators who may occasionally forget. Similarly, smart home environments can control operations such as closing shutters at a preset interval before twilight and opening them at a pre-arranged time in the early morning. Such automation can also accommodate seasonal variations in daylight hours, and once again, should prove more reliable than any busy parent.

Energy saving measures

Adopting a ‘green’, eco-friendly approach to energy consumption is not only socially responsible, it also saves money. But in the past, such measures have often been negated by the need for constant human interaction to obtain realistic savings. However, today’s mature automation technologies have made the whole process much simpler, and the consequent savings more significant.

Focusing on automated blinds and shutters, it is now possible to exercise sophisticated control to produce extremely positive results. Automated shutters can be used to keep costly heat in your home for longer by providing a barrier to prevent heat escaping. And on bright days, the same shutters can automatically open to let in as much daylight as possible. This action, of course, also reduces some of the need for lighting units inside the property.

Using a mix of carefully sited light and temperature sensors in combination with smart, computer-controlled energy programmes and routines, all households and businesses can maintain a comfortable indoor climate and yet still maximise the efficient use of the energy they consume. When all of these factors work together in balance, the benefits soon become apparent in lower utility bills. And once such automated features are established, those energy savings will continue to accumulate year on year.

Easy to use

With automated shutters and blinds installed, you enter a new world of comfort and convenience. It now becomes possible to create certain ambient areas of light and shade in your favourite rooms. And if you have a conservatory, for example, the ability to control light and temperature according to your requirements means you can realistically extend your use of the room beyond just a token ‘seasonal’ use.

And while a feeling of luxury is easier to experience than describe, being able to adjust your window shutters without leaving your chair really does take comfort into another dimension. This will become even more apparent if you own a property with lots of large windows, rooflights, and perhaps other important windows sited in awkward, hard-to-reach locations. Your life will no longer be encumbered by strings, cords, and mechanisms which have to create an optimum slant to achieve your purpose

Smart home elements and functionality are, of course, here to stay. And the good news is that your automated window shutters will fit seamlessly into contemporary smart home systems. Wall-mounted sensors, remote push-button controls, and wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will ensure you can control your shutters with ease. Furthermore, you can easily set up automated routines to effect improvements to your lifestyle and save energy into the bargain. Many automated shutters can even be operated by voice control alone, using smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa. This feature could be useful for home security purposes, for example, to suggest someone was at home while you are on holiday and thus deter burglars from attempting to enter your home.

Investing in automated window shutters can upgrade the style, safety, functionality and convenience of your home all at once. And with expert guidance, you can create a truly individual package designed to your specifications which will transform your lifestyle, reduce your energy consumption, and at the same time increase the value and appeal of your property.