Expanding our capacity with a new CNC Machine

2023 Begins with more

Elizabeth Henley are excited to welcome a new CNC machine joining the workshop in January 2023.

Built for us by another local Kent company, this will allow us to mill multiple top and bottom rails which house the internals to our otherwise hand-made shutters, such as the electronics, motor and power supply unit.

A huge thank you to British engineering company JMC-HI TECH who are based in Sittingbourne, Kent .

The new CNC machine – or Computer Numerical Control – allows for even more accuracy when creating grooves within the timber we use to ensure each unique set of shutters can house all of the internals perfectly.

Our shutters are purposely designed to house all automated and smart technology internally for an elegant and clean look. Each project is custom-built for every unique window and we look forward to using our new machine next year.