Throwback - Our Smart-tilt®️ Prototype

Designed & manufactured in the UK

Through the journey of patented design and technology, our Smart-tilt®️ electric blinds are the worlds first smart shutters – connecting to many (and a growing number) of smart-home networks.

The technology also allows the shutters to be automated depending on the time of day and can be set to close slowly and smoothly at dusk, while reopening automatically at dawn.

During the process of research and development of smart-tilt®️, we made a variety of model types to achieve the high quality objectives we had at Elizabeth Henley. The firmware itself was challenging and took many months to ensure it was consistent and allowed integration with future technology too.

This is one of the earliest videos of the Smart-tilt®️ models, and one of our first fully-functional prototypes which paved the way to our continual evolution of the technology today.