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Smart shutters are fully autonomous and will automatically close at sunset and open at sunrise.

Yes, you can adjust the automatic settings, temperature control and individual shutters from your smartphone.

The design of conventional shutters will have the louvre protruding out from the shutter frame, our patented design has the louvres flush with the front of the frame.

We use heavy-duty 3D invisible hinges for maximum durability and smoothness of operation.

We manufacture in a variety of hardwoods.

All of our shutters are painted using water-based paint, our louvres are made from recycled timber and biopolymers that make them warp-free and waterproof.

Yes, our shutters are designed to connect to all current smart home hubs.

To create mood lighting in the room in warm or cool white, and to add security to your home. As the shutters close automatically at sunset, the built-in LEDS switch on, deterring unwanted guests.

These settings are programmable for personal preference.

We have worked very hard to achieve as much total blackout as possible. The top and bottom rails follow the contour of the louvres and an added motor makes the louvres close tightly.

Yes, we machine, sand, paint and assemble at our workshop in the Kent countryside.

Our unique patented wingtip® is made from solid aluminium, and powder coated in our workshop.

It gives a striking contemporary appearance along the outermost edge of each louvre.

With normal use, the Panasonic batteries should last around 15 months before requiring a recharge.

The temperature sensor enables the shutters to close automatically when the room gets too hot to help block our sunlight.

With preferences adjusted via your smartphone, it’s perfect for bedrooms.

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