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With a respected heritage in designing and manufacturing handmade furniture, we turned our attention to interior window shutters. We weren’t satisfied with the quality of the shutters currently offered on the market – mostly imported from bulk manufacturing overseas. Thus, Elizabeth Henley Shutters was born; to design and build the finest window shutters and hardwood smart blinds in the world.


Our vision was simple – combine modern technology and traditional shutter design to create a unique shutter solution with our customers at its heart. Incorporating the latest technology, and manufacturing using durable hardwood, we created the Smart-tilt® shutter. Whether you’re in London, the South East, or elsewhere in the UK, contact the team in Kent today to find out more about our handmade smart shutters.

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We're proud to support British Manufacturing

We machine, finish and assemble all shutters in our workshop in the Kent countryside. We sell direct to you (the consumer), making our prices very competitive.

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Professionally installed handmade smart shutters can add eye-catching detail to any home. Their unquestionable elegance and aesthetic value create a luxury interior. A fully automatic blinds system can also add value to the property.

Hardwood smart blinds bring a sense of comfort, convenience, and security. Plus, they can help save energy. Using a mix of carefully sited light and temperature sensors in combination with handcrafted smart shutters, UK households and businesses can maintain a comfortable indoor climate and yet still maximise the efficient use of the energy they consume.

With automatic blinds installed, you enter a new world of comfort and convenience. It now becomes possible to create certain ambient areas of light and shade in your favourite rooms. And if you have a conservatory, for example, the ability to control light and temperature according to your requirements means you can realistically extend your use of the room beyond just a token ‘seasonal’ use.

Investing in handmade blinds can upgrade the style, safety, functionality and convenience of your home all at once. And with expert guidance from the team in Kent, you can create a truly individual package designed to your specifications which will transform your lifestyle, reduce your energy consumption, and at the same time increase the value and appeal of your property. Find out more about investing in handmade smart shutters in your UK home by giving the team in the South East a call today.